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Расположение: NICOSIA
Статус проекта: СОРЕВНОВАНИЯ

Architectural Competition for the new Cyprus News Agency Headquarters in Nicosia.



The building is the sum of a compact building volume sitting on the ground floor and a rectangular transparent volume for the upper levels.
In the lower volume, the public spaces are located. The volume is covered with limestone with reference to public buildings in the region (such as the Melkonian) having a perforated arrangement with references to the divided city.
In the upper volume the office spaces are located. It is characterized by transparency and is enclosed by a lightweight aluminum structure with morphological references to the 'honeycomb' as the result of a productive and collaborative process.


The energy efficiency of the building is not resulting from expensive high-tech systems, but mainly from the simplicity and rationality of the architectural design. The design focused on:

i. Cooling
The exterior metal shell reduces the risks of overheating because the sun can not enter directly into a room at any time during the summer. The west and east sides are nearly closed. The color of the exterior surfaces helps to repel the sun's heat and keep the night dew. The ability for secure nocturnal natural ventilation takes advantage of the night breeze and drastically reduces cooling needs during a longer period of air conditioning. The plants in the ground floor as well as the exterior roof arrangement create cool areas.

ii. Heating
The southern orientation of the offices allows the sun to enter through the shell and the holes during the winter and spread throughout the interior.

iii. Ventilation
The openings in the Newsroom roof allow the user to adjust the flow of fresh air where the needs are different in summer and winter, the night the day. The ability to ventilate securely during the summer nights drastically reduces the need for air conditioning.

iv. Lighting
All offices are illuminated with natural light which is filtered through all sides or through the openings on the roof. Additionally the use of white paint on the interior walls and the use of appropriate false ceiling acts as a reflective surface which largely covers the lighting needs.